About Gallery1.eu

Gallery1.eu is held and operated on a private basis by Helge Brix-Hansen, Denmark, who for years has accumulated a large collection of paintings. Part of this collection is available for sale through Gallery1.eu

If you are interested in purchasing paintings or if you would like any additional information, you can contact us through this link Contact. Prices for the paintings are negotiable and special offers can be tailormade for larger parts of the collection.

The collection consists mainly of older naturalistic paintings of famous and lesser-known Danish artists including good paintings by unknown artists. The collection also includes impressionist paintings by famous Danish artists and to a lesser extent modern art. Some of the paintings are repeated in two or more categories.

To see a painting in a larger view, just click on the respective image.

The paintings are oil on canvas, unless otherwise stated. The dimensions of the paintings includes the picture frame and are generally mentioned in centimeters (cm).

How to Shop
If you are interested in one or more of the paintings or if you would like any additional information, you may contact Gallery1.eu with your query. The contact details can be found under "Contact". Any questions should preferably be send via email, then we will investigate further and revert. We aim to answer all emails within 3 days, but as Gallery1.eu is a purely private enterprise, longer response time may occur. But we will get back to you!

Purchases can be paid directly to Gallery1.eu's registered bank account through money transfer. Alternatively, payments through PayPal.com are also possible. Discounts are available for multiple purchases of paintings at the same time. When payment is received by Gallery1.eu (incl. freight costs), the purchased items will be shipped to the buyer.

Forest lake scene 3

Artist: B. Kjærsgaard
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Artist: Jørgen Eising
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Moorland 2

Artist: V. Balle
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